London 2012 Olympics

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We go through life hoping to witness something majestic and everlasting in our minds. I genuinely believe that all of us here in Great Britain witnessed just that with the recently concluded Olympic Games. I for one feared the thought of following the legacy of the fabulous display in Beijing. But after London’s closing ceremony drew to its conclusion, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly patriotic.

As I believe is a common trait around the world, we generally don’t take the time out to step back and appreciate ourselves. Self-Appreciation should never be confused with vanity as they’re not the same thing. The London Olympics, however, made all Britons take note of just how significant we are around the globe. Our nation put on a show we can tell our children, and them, theirs.

From the stars of yesteryear to the current crop, our entertainers showcased their incredibly diverse talents to the world during the opening ceremony, giving the entire nation hope and belief. But at the biggest stage of all, the competitors—from all countries—put on the best show for us fans by giving it their all.

We can now proudly say in the years to come that we witnessed Usain Bolt’s record-braking victories, or Jessica Ennis’ sublime performance. Even if I never get to witness something quite as magnificent in my lifetime again, I will always have London 2012.

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