The Corin Chronicles

COVERFINAL1JPG-1Volume 2: The Transformation of Adam Higgins

“We never choose our destiny. It chooses us.”

It’s been five thousand years since the gods withdrew from the galaxy, leaving the men of each planet to rule themselves. For millennia, the worlds lived in relative harmony. But once again the order has been shaken.

On Corin, a prince’s courageous quest has released a ruthless demi-god that can bring the disgraced planet back to its former glory—or destroy it.

On Earth, a young man is ripped across a universe he didn’t know existed and inextricably tied to an ancient conflict that he can’t begin to understand.

And all the while, the immortal Siroco pursues his own mysterious ends.

Who are the true heroes? Who is the Chosen One?

Battles rage and families crumble in this second installment of Marvin Amazon’s mythic fantasy series, where once again the lines of right and wrong blur around the individual experience, and even the best of intentions cannot control a galaxy on the brink of destruction.

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Volume 1: The Light and the DarkDigitalCoverCC

“As the universe basked in all its glory, it inevitably turned on itself.”

The war between Auphora, the Creator of all things, and his son Baran spans—and almost destroys—the galaxy. Their epic battles cost millions of lives, but peace comes with its own bloody repercussions. Gods and demi-gods plot to rule again. One planet stops turning, leaving its people trapped in eternal light, while another develops to the modern day, unaware that someone walks its streets carrying a secret that could bring an end to it all.

A mythic novel like no other, The Light and the Dark looks beyond the cosmic power struggle to a place where lines between good and evil blur within individual stories of loss and bravery, faith and fury. A warrior. A mother. A mercenary. A prince. A child. A hunter.

Their universe is hurtling toward a confrontation, and no one knows which side will win.

And so it begins…

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A note from Marvin:

What is mythic fiction?

The Corin Chronicles is intentionally genre bending, stretching from epic to historic to contemporary fantasy, and bringing together familiar archetypes and unusual endings. Tackling diverse and complex issues, it has proven to be a hard book to pin down,

Yet all combined, The Corin Chronicles fits into a little-known group of books known as mythic fiction, which was nicely summed up by Terri Windling and Midori Snyder’s now-shuttered Journal of Mythic Fiction:

The field of mythic fiction consists of contemporary works that draw on the timeless themes and symbolism of world mythology, medieval romance, folklore, fairy tales, and the oral storytelling tradition. Mythic fiction is set in the modern (or historical world), not in a far–off Nevernever land. But it portrays a world infused with mythic archetypes, mystery, and magic.

I didn’t set out to write a mythic novel, but my continued exploration into the possibilities for the world of Corin resulted in a tale that grew exponentially through space and time. The Corin Chronicles, which now look like they will span at least five novels, started out in the summer of 2010 as a short story in which an eighteen year-old boy dabbles with an Ouija board, only to bond with the demi god he summons. I started to think about the mythology for the demi god in question, and the world I forged grew to be The Corin Chronicles. (Incidentally, the boy will not appear until Volume Two, and the whole Ouija board sequence has since been removed.)

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