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Reviews of The Corin Chronicles, Volume 1: The Light and the Dark:

“Rich in detail and energized by martial clashes and chase scenes in more than one time period, the first volume in The Corin Chronicles is a promising start to a fantasy series.” – ForeWord Clarion Reviews

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“The novel’s concepts are intriguing, and so is the writing; author Amazon conjures vivid descriptions throughout.” – Kirkus review

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“I would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in fantasy, mystery, mythology or history.  There is something in this book to draw in just about anyone.” – The Stuff of Success

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“There is something for every lover of fantasy here. The book is exciting and well-written, with vivid descriptions and an intriguing blurring of good and evil that is typical of Greek and Roman myth.” –

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Reviews of The Transformation of Adam Higgins: The Corin Chronicles, Volume 2:


“Colorful characters, escalating pace, and the fate of the Earth highlight this exciting space opera.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews

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“A cohesive adventure. …A good improvement on the first novel. …Piques curiosity for the next installment.” – Kirkus Reviews

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“This read was phenomenal. I was very impressed by the imagination that Marvin Amazon put into this book.” – Afterdarkrendezvous

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Some reader comments about The Corin Chronicles, Volume 1: The Light and the Dark:

DigitalCoverCC“The story is detailed and ambitious; the ideas and concepts interesting and unique.”

“The author has succeeded in creating an alien and exotic world for the reader, one that is easy to visualise and appreciate.”

“The plot is coherent and fast paced; there is plenty of action and the plot moves forward at a pace that would keep a reader involved in the story.”

“The scope of this novel is epic and the author has succeeded in creating a convincing story that will draw readers in.”

“Tension is generally built up well. The author succeeds in interweaving different sections and strands of story to help build up the tension.”

“Amazon throughout the novel, is questioning the very important question of what is right and what is wrong. Amazon challenges the reader to see his story through the lens of different characters.”

“The amazing feat of this book, is to remove the typecast of good and evil, and to continuously be able to transform the protagonist into antagonist and back.”

“I would thoroughly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys fantasy, mythical fiction, modern crime, or for those who just enjoy a riveting read. Marvin Amazon’s debut novel, really is a literary delight from start to finish.”

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