Step on a Crack – Book Review

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I really enjoyed Step on a Crack. In the novel, Michael Bennett is a New York City detective caught in the middle of a hostage situation. As if that’s not enough, he’s also the father of ten adopted kids. And his wife is a cancer patient.
At the begining, I felt the author was juggling too much, but as time went on, all my fears evaporated. The novel moved at a fast pace and didn’t linger too much on scenes that slowed the prose down. I found it to be an engaging read with interesting characters.
I am one who welcomes multiple POVs in a novel, but I felt that some were unnecessary in this book. Other than that, it simmered with tension.
The ending also took me by surprise, but a good one. I would recommend it to crime readers, although I must add that nothing here hasn’t been done before. All in all, a great introduction to Detective Michael Bennet by James Patterson

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