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 Reboots: Are they the way forward? It happens in all forms of entertainment from music to films, and is fast becoming acceptable. I’ve actually lost count of the number of times I have watched a film, only to then visit the internet to discover that an original version was released a few years back. Or mentioned a beautiful song I recently heard, only for my friend to ask me: “You do know who sang the original, right?”

For the last few years, I refused to credit any forms of reboots until a stark realisation crept up on me. We are now at an age where many new, original ideas are criticised for rehashing many things that have come before. Artists have come under criticism in the past for copying other, less known people in their field. Could it just be a case of coincidences? Of course it could.

Putting everything into perspective, we all watch, listen and read the same media out there. With thousands of new films, books and records coming out each year, it is an absolute possibility that our ideas can occasionally overlap.

These facts can sometimes justify the need for reboots; after all, you can’t be accused of copying someone else’s work when you have gained authorization from them to reproduce it. And with the quality of some reboots now exceeding those of their predecessors—Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is a great example—perhaps it is time to accept them as a form of entertainment that will only get better and better.

I do think reboots are a way of the future, but what do you think???


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