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Every other year, we are treated to a Christopher Nolan film and anticipation is typically high. I first saw his majestic work with the tricky Memento, before tackling his re-imagination of super heroes with the Batman films. This review however is not about Nolan, but rather, his latest—and most complex—masterpiece, Inception.

As with all highly anticipated films, I couldn’t contain my excitement on the way to the cinema. Taking my seat, I realised that the audience—like me—were not distracted by anything like eating popcorn, talking to their partners, or even looking at the time. They tried their utmost to catch every line and event taking place in the movie. Following all the pre-Inception reviews, they knew they were in for a treat as long as they paid attention.

The film itself throws you straight into the deep end, with thought-provoking occurrences. You do know, however, that in the mould of all great films, the story will come together. The cast in this movie  is exceptional, but from the very start, you always expect them to take second stage to the story and execution.

I will talk about the cast, however, as they are all much respected actors in their own right, their professionalism ultimately helping the movie realise its true potential.

The plot of the film is probably known around the world over, due to the sheer fascination with its concept. I will therefore not go into that with this review. A great critical debate was always inevitable, however, given the feat being undertaken here. The movie itself is like a labyrinth, one which demands exceptional concentration, with multiple potential ways it could go, but at no time in the movie do you feel the director has lost control.

Everyone must know by now that the concept of the movie is the world of dreams and just how important dreams are for the protagonists to achieve their goals. The film does do more than that, however. It shows the necessity of dreams in maintaining our way of life when all hope is lost. It portrays the desperation of people trying to escape to a world quite unlike theirs, where they can be whoever they want to be. This kind of message creeps out of the film and just makes you appreciate the general message the director is trying to send to all of us.

For those of us thinking the film will be too complex, I urge you to go there with an open mind, and observe how it all comes together. I remember having to keep reminding myself just which layer of dreaming I was watching sometimes, but that is just testament to the great story and fabulous execution.

The action set pieces are fantastic without being overdone. The crumbling buildings seen on the trailers are just a tip of the iceberg. Everything about this film will be nothing as you might expect, as it is one of those rare films that simply have to be experienced. Regardless of whether we see a sequel or not, Inception will always be hailed as one of those great films that dared to be an exception to the norm. Once again, I thank Mr Nolan for challenging our thought process, whilst giving us great cinema. Roll on Batman 3

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